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A Collaborative Approach

  ♦  Infinity Online, a state certified online provider, is a joint effort of 45 school districts. Students are able to take online classes without leaving their home districts, teachers, and friends who make up the school experience. In addition, 100% of foundation aid dollars of member-school students stay in the home district. 


                     One Program, A Variety of Needs


  ♦  Flexibility is key!  Students who enroll in Infinity courses do so for a variety of reasons:  to solve scheduling conflicts, to explore different learning environments, to recover credit(s), to expand their elective opportunities, or to provide advanced coursework options.


                                        Partnering to Create More Opportunity


  ♦  In an attempt to create more opportunity for all students in Minnesota, INFINITY looks to partner with districts and other collaboratives who share our vision. In fact, INFINITY itself is a merger of two online collaboratives (MNCOLA and VITAL), an ITV collaborative (ECMECC), as well as individual districts. Working together for the benefit of all kids and districts, we can provide more courses to more students.


                                                                                No Teacher Left Behind


    INFINITY is committed to providing opportunities for teachers as well. Teaching positions are first posted in member districts, giving those teachers first right of refusal if they are offered a position. In addition, online professional development opportunities are available to all teachers and administrators, not only those teaching online classes.